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Chances are you're visiting our site because you're looking for someone to run your next trivia night.  Well you've come to the right place!  But first a bit about ourselves...


We love trivia and we love to laugh. So much so that we decided to combine that enthusiasm with our background in television production to create a fresh, new, multimedia trivia experience that feels like you're part of your favourite game show each week.

Our playful humour sets the tone of our quizzes, which feature tailormade questions and themed rounds produced by our incredibly talented creative team.

Questionable Company Sample Question

(Our cleverly creative approach to a geography round)

Our services include the total package too; the quiz, the host, the a/v equipment, the promo material and ongoing digital content to engage your social media communities between shows.

And that's exactly what our events are, full-blown shows that are best enjoyed with dinner & a few drinks!

So if you're looking for a night of entertainment that puts bums on seats & drinks in hands, get in touch with Questionable Company today.

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Why Choose Us?

No Dull Bits!

Our bespoke content, irreverent humour & contemporary production fills venues with color & energy from start to finish, creating a vibrant atmosphere for punters to let loose & have a good time.

(Examples of our custommade questions that we mix with the traditional stuff)

Fresh Each Week

Our shows are made up of 8 playfully themed rounds of accessible trivia that change each week so no 2 quizzes are ever the same. And our style of theming breathes new life into regular trivia questions.  Oh, and each show runs for around 2 hours, covering traditional trivia topics in our own unique way.

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(You never know what each week will be but you know there'll definitely be some quirky wordplay to liven things up.)

Monthly Promotions

Our topical theme nights are part of our weekly pub trivia cycle.  We promote them as special events & they keep your venue's 'What's On' calendar looking fresh & full.

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Trivia Super League

The jewel in our crown... We love sport just as much as trivia so we started the nationwide Trivia Super League with every venue on our roster included!  It's the hottest thing in sports entertainment since WWE wrestling, and encourages punters to return week after week.

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(The league is a great for social media engagement & exposure for our pubs)

Broad Appeal

We burn through 60+ questions in our pub quizzes, which allows us to touch on multi-generational interests for a balanced & inclusive show.

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Enthusiastic Hosts

And finally, our hosts! Our hosts are selected via a thorough application process to find engaging individuals with bright, approachable personalities that fit our brand and your trivia nights.


Our Services Include

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Pub Trivia


Private Parties



What They Say

Quotation Mark

Highly engaging hosts who could make even the driest of facts feel fun. A great community who are so supportive and good natured with great banter to boot.


Quotation Mark

Different rounds each week makes sure the experience is never stale.  The host evidently cares about his job and provides a fun experience each week

Quotation Mark

From the get go Jefferson was a professional and enthusiastic partner to work with as we designed the event, and went above and beyond in writing and running a trivia tailored to our business.




A Few Clients We've Hosted Private Events For

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